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Barwa Real Estate Group today signed a memorandum of understanding with Qatar University; To enhance and consolidate joint cooperation with the College of Engineering in the field of expertise sharing, scientific research as well as raising the standards of efficient performance, in accordance with comprehensive quality standards, specializations and legislation of the state of Qatar. This is directly addressing the pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030 and the National Development Strategy (2018-2022).

Mr. Abdullah Bin Jobara Al-Rumaihi, CEO of Barwa Real Estate Group, and Dr. Hassan Bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of Qatar University, signed the MOU which will be the basis for this collaboration. As per the MOU, both Barwa Real Estate and Qatar University will be exchanging knowledge and expertise, as well as information, statistics, data, studies, publications and periodicals which are of interest to both parties. In addition to the support extended to students of the College of Engineering as part of their graduation projects, practical training, as well as organizing joint events, competitions and conferences which serve the aspirations and goals of both parties.

MOU will provide support in the field of research, scientific studies and workshops at the College of Engineering through the formation of a joint workshops between the two parties.

Mr. Abdullah Bin Jobara Al-Rumaihi commenting on this collaboration saying: "This signing is establishing a new phase of constructive cooperation with Qatar University, the leading educational institution in the fields of academic and research excellence in the region. This will enhance areas of sharing expertise and scientific research, as well as the academic and professional cooperation to support students of the College of Engineering and their training programs."

He added: "Barwa Real Estate Group always calls for such collaborations and integration with Qatar University, to raise the competitiveness of this vital sector in conducting research and academic studies, in addition to developing the skills of youth who are the main element for the success of long-term development plans in order to achieve Qatar's National Vision 2030," stressing that developing youth skills and adopting their entrepreneurial ideas is a priority for Barwa Real Estate, being the strategic partner of the government of the State of Qatar and the leading company in the field of real estate development.

Al-Rumaihi explained that the MOU with Qatar University will support the different aspects of research and scientific studies that will contribute to developing the real estate sector and establishing its various projects. Stressing that Barwa has got all the required expertise, making it a distinguished and important partner for the university, in order to achieve a scientific renaissance and constructive research cooperation that supports the path of students of the College of Engineering in the labor market.

Al-Rumaihi thanked all those who contributed to achieving this successful cooperation, contributing to the support of the scientific and practical joint process.

Dr. Hassan Bin Rashid Al-Derham, President of Qatar University, commented on the cooperation between the two parties, saying: "The signing of this memorandum comes within the framework of Qatar University's permanent commitment to community service and cooperation with the private sector on issues that contribute to the development of this sector. The constructive cooperation between Qatar University and Barwa Real Estate Group is diversified and is in line with the two institutions' plans to develop the capabilities of Qatari youth, and in this context comes the signing of this MOU, which will enable the two parties to exchange experiences and joint research. The memorandum also includes cooperation in the field of scientific research, various studies, and field training, all of which are important, as the university seeks to make this partnership an actual beginning for training that ends with the employment of graduates in the various production sites in this important national institution.

It is worth noting that Barwa Real Estate Group has long experience in the wise management of development projects, carefully identifying opportunities and implementing projects on time, while adhering to quality standards, cost efficiency, and employing expertise and optimizing resources in order to succeed in business and achieve the development, economic and educational renaissance in the State of Qatar.

Barwa today has 3.6 million square meters of built space under operation, and a balanced mix of operational assets that vary between residential, commercial, industrial, logistical and multi-purpose, including 8,129 residential units, 37,340 rooms for workers, 335,981 square meters of commercial and retail units and 445,779 square meters of workshops and warehouses.


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