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Barwa Celebrates International Labors Day

Barwa Celebrates International Labors Day


For two consecutive years Barwa Real Estate celebrated the annual International Labors Day which occurs annually on 1st of May;  by organizing an event for over 700 workers in “ AlKhor Workers Sports Complex”, in collaboration with Waseef, the property management arm of Barwa Real Estate.


The celebration have raised awareness of workers’ rights, the role of human rights organisations in the lives of workers in Qatar and the way of approaching those organisations when needed. The celebration included interactive and entertainment sessions and competitions as well as meals and refreshments which were distributed to all attendees during the event.


Mr. Salman Mohammed AlMuhannadi, Barwa Group CEO, made a statement on this occasions saying: “the International Labour Day celebrations in collaboration with Waseef come as part of our commitment towards workers in Qatar. Workers’ rights, safety and standards of living are a significant priority to us. workers are a main pillar of the urban and economic development in Qatar; hence, it is crucial that their needs are investigated and met in order to help them do their job properly”.


Mr. Al Muhannadi added: “the strategy of Barwa Real Estate and its subsidiaries have dedicated lots of significance to workers’ rights, which was reflected on real estate projects such as “Barwa AlBaraha”; a project which offers workers’ accommodation and day-to-day facilities, and have the capacity to accommodate 53000 workers”.


Mr. Salman Mohammad Al Mohannadi pointed out that since the start of its renaissance, Qatar emphasized on its respect for human rights, being an integral part of its National Vision 2030 and the policy of the State, whether on the legal and administrative levels or at the level of social and moral traditions".


Mr. Al Muhannadi referred to the valuable efforts of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in protecting and solving the issues of workers. In addition to other human rights organizations which consider the protection and well-being of the Qatari society as a top priority.


Barwa Real Estate has opened AlKhor Workers Sports Complex last year with capacity to serve 160 thousand workers in the Industrial Area in AlKhor and AlShamal. AlKhor Workers Sports Complex extends over 245,000 square meters and gathers four Crickets fields, four Football fields, three Volleyball fields, four basketball fields, four Kabaddi fields and other sufficient amenities and shops including a representative office of the Ministry of Labour, money changers, Internet and telephone shops, restaurants and cafes, as well a large mosque, a supermarket and public toilets.



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