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Barwa Real Estate is Platinum Sponsor of 57th ISOCARP’s Congress

Barwa Real Estate is Platinum Sponsor of 57th ISOCARP’s Congress


Barwa Real Estate Group has provided Platinum Sponsorship for the 57th Congress of International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), which is one of the most important annual global events in the sphere of urban planning and the future of cities. 

The activities of this event; hosted in Doha and organized by the Ministry of Municipality, in cooperation with ISOCARP, under the theme (Planning Unlocked: New Times, Better Places, Stronger Communities), took place from 8 to 11 November 2021.

The Congress witnessed a wide-scale participation from research and education institutions, universities, developers and stakeholders across Qatar. In addition, it discussed topics relevant to contemporary urban planning such as sustainability, healthy and smart cities, adaptability, and urban connectivity.

Moreover, the sessions of this global event was attended by a number of employees of the Barwa Real Estate Group and Waseef, a subsidiary of the Group. Their aim was to be briefed on the latest international experiences and special studies and research in the area of urban planning and smart cities, thus enhancing their skills and refining their expertise in this aspect, to which the group pays great attention, and that is at the heart of its project development plans. 

Strategic partnership with the Government of the State of Qatar
Barwa Real Estate's sponsorship of this event stems from its commitment to support major global events hosted by Qatar. Hence, this will consolidate the principle of the group's strategic partnership with the government of the State of Qatar. In addition, this is attributable to the importance of such Congress, which provides an exceptional and unique platform for reviewing the experiences of developed countries in the field of city planning, which will support the group's plans to develop its knowledge and expertise on urban planning that would play into the hands of its business strategy. Moreover, the group's sponsorship of the Congress will enhance its relations with international experts in the area of planning and developing major sustainable real estate projects.

ISOCARP Congress enriches the group's architectural thinking in building smart cities
By this token, the Congress will enrich the strategic architectural thinking adopted by Barwa Real Estate Group, through which it works to develop projects that add a national, social and human dimension that moves beyond the traditional principle of constructing real estate buildings into creating integrated cities and communities that meet the requirements of sustainable urban development in Qatar, and provide all solutions to various economic, service and educational sectors, supported by the state-of-the-art services of smart digital technology. This aim is to meet all the steps taken by the state to shift towards smart cities and develop more sustainable societies.

Excellence, integration and diversity in projects that keep pace with national growth plans
Since its inception, Barwa Real Estate development projects have been distinguished by excellence, integration and diversity. Today, its projects extend to cover various areas in order to reflect the vital role of the Group in supporting national growth plans through the reconstruction of areas around and outside Doha, the expansion of the urban and population area of the State of Qatar, and meeting the real needs of the society and the real estate market with a view to diversify sources of income and ensure achievement of sustainable development, ultimately realizing Qatar National Vision 2030. 


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