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Barwa Real Estate Group Presents Its Under-Study Projects During Participation in Cityscape Qatar 2021

Barwa Real Estate Group Presents Its Under-Study Projects During Participation in Cityscape Qatar 2021


Barwa Real Estate Group Presents Its Under-Study Projects During Participation in Cityscape Qatar 2021

Doha 17 October 2021

Under the auspices of Prime Minister and Minister of Interior His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani, His Excellency Ali bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, Minister of Commerce and Industry and Acting Minister of Finance, inaugurated today the activities of Cityscape Qatar 2021.
During its participation in the exhibition, Barwa Real Estate Group shed light on a diverse and selected package of its real estate projects. Barwa's booth at Cityscape displayed a balanced mix of multiple real estate projects that support Qatar's renaissance in all fields.
In the presence of His Excellency Mr. Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barwa Real Estate Group, and a number of senior officials in the state, and members of the Board of Directors of Barwa Real Estate, Mr. Abdullah bin Jabara Al Rumaihi, CEO of Barwa Real Estate Group, gave on the sidelines of the exhibition's activities an explanation about Barwa real estate under-study projects, and he indicated that the group is currently studying the  Furjan Wadi Lusail Development in the promising city of Lusail.

Components of Furjan Wadi Lusail Development  

Furjan Wadi Lusail Development is a distinctive and uplifting residential project inspired by Qatari environment, expressing Qatar's culture and identity and highlighting the nature of daily life and components of old Qatari Furjan (neighborhood) through its special designs, namely Al Sikka (road) and Al Baraha (rest area), which support the privacy of the residents and give it a touch of Islamic architecture, with contemporary integrated engineering. Thus, it will be an integrated and sustainable residential city that revives the spirit of the past in a modern style. 
As per the preliminary studies, the project is located in the northern part of Lusail City and extends over an area of more than 3,476,000 square meters and is surrounded by a number of roads and tram stations. The project will contain villas with a variety of views, amounting to 1,700 villas, along with residential apartments. It will also include all the main facilities such as kindergartens, schools, shops, clubs, restaurants, mosques, public areas, health centers, green spaces, waterbodies, roads and paved walkways.

Barwa's pioneering status mirrors Qatari identity and culture

On this occasion, His Excellency Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Barwa Real Estate Group said: "Upon the completion of the study and launch of the project, Furjan Wadi Lusail Development will enhance Barwa's status as a developer of the largest strategic real estate projects in Qatar, and bolsters its leadership at the local and regional levels.
He went on to explain that during the design stages of this pioneering project, attention will bedrawn to highlight the ancient Qatari architectural identity and the nature of daily life in Qatar, while taking advantage of the development and transformation Qatar witnessed at the level of urban, economic, social and cultural renaissance, through the optimal use of local architecture elements and the integration of heritage methods with modern technology to reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources.
His Excellency emphasized that the idea of the project's design will take the form of a group of Furjan, which will provide it with real social dimensions, reflecting the very essence of the word Freej, which mirrors family bonding, social solidarity, and the children gathering place, in a way that confirms and preserves the Qatari culture depicted in the imagination and minds of Qatari society.
His Excellency indicated that the project will also pay attention to provide all amenities and services so that they will be at close vicinity of its components, and independently for each Freej, along with outlining perceptions to create valleys, rest areas and open spaces to form the landmarks of the Freej. 
He explicated that these various components will suit all segments of community, especially that the idea of the project targets Qatari citizens, newly married couples, and large families, in addition to the segment of investors, as the idea of the project is to build luxury housing units, leading to affordable and high-quality units. 
His Excellency pointed out that the project's location in the modern, promising and smart city of Lusail is an important part of the success of its objectives, especially that its proximity to the waterfront and the recreational and sports facilities in Lusail City will add more aesthetic elements to the project.

Construction model linked to heritage and mingled with modernity 

In a related context, Mr. Abdullah bin Jubara Al-Rumaihi, CEO of Barwa Real Estate Group, said: The Qatari city is the model that Furjan Wadi Lusail Development seeks to reach by adhering to the Qatari heritage which is mixed with elements of modernity in one place, to attract lovers of Qatari urban heritage and architectural identity.
He added: The project highlights the identity of the Qatari Freej which will support the privacy of the residents. Moreover, we will make sure during the project study stages to furnish it with all integrated services and facilities to attract residents and investors and meet their aspirations.
In this regard, Al-Rumaihi pointed out that all themes rooted in the memory of the Qatari society will be taken into account in the details of the project study, combined with touches of modernity in the standards of establishing real estate projects. Furthermore, he indicated that the project study will take into consideration that the main streets shall be separated from the residential areas within the project. In addition, car parking will be developed in a modern and different way in order to promote the Basement Parking concept that many residents of houses or villas may not be accustomed to, as well as designing buildings similar to what the Qatari citizen is accustomed to while adding all the touches of the lifestyle of old Freej.

Strategic partnership with the government

Al-Rumaihi stressed that the plans of Barwa Real Estate Group to study new investment opportunities deepens the principle of Barwa's strategic partnership with the government of the State of Qatar, through presenting various projects that keep pace with urban and population growth and investment thinking, in order to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030.


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