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Barwa Real Estate honors students of the College of Engineering who completed the second vocational and field training program

Barwa Real Estate honors students of the College of Engineering who completed the second vocational and field training program



Doha... July 2021

Barwa Real Estate Group honored the students of the College of Engineering at Qatar University, for completing the second vocational and field training program organized by the Group under the memorandum of understanding it signed with Qatar University in December 2020; To enhance and consolidate joint cooperation with the College of Engineering with the aim of exchanging experiences, scientific research and academic and professional cooperation, in addition to supporting the programs of the College of Engineering students in their graduation projects and practical training, during a brief ceremony held amid precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19). The ceremony was attended by a limited number of professors from the College of Engineering and officials from the Group.

The training program provided by the engineering team specialized in real estate development at Barwa Real Estate Group, which spanned over a month of field work, discussions and intensive studies, is an ideal opportunity for students of the College of Engineering at Qatar University, as it allowed them to view the Group's projects and learn about its various investment and development opportunities, whether with regard to projects related to partnership between the public and private sectors, such as Qatar schools projects or projects under construction, which rise to the level of modern cities with their integrated services and various facilities and contribute significantly to improving the living conditions of families and workers, such as Madinatna and Barahat Al Janoub projects. The program also gave participating students field training in these projects accompanied by their project managers and development team.

On this occasion, Barwa Real Estate Group stresses the importance of supporting students of educational institutions in the areas of vocational training, and that it is one of the leading companies in the development of real estate projects at the regional level, and is characterized by extensive experience in implementing sustainable and diversified real estate projects, which gives it ideal elements to develop the talents, knowledge and capabilities of the students of the College of Engineering, who will have the most prominent role in building the future real estate projects of the state.

From this standpoint, Barwa Real Estate will continue to extend its hands to the youth to enrich them with its expertise, in order to support the development and educational renaissance in the country to achieve the Qatar National Vision 2030.

In this regard, the student Latifa Jaber Al-Mohannadi confirmed that the training program provided her with an appropriate opportunity to enrich her information, and indicated that the field visits she had made gave her an ideal experience to gain experience in the field of construction.

For her part, student Zainab Zuhair Al-Issa said: The program enabled her to experience the role of managing construction projects, which creates awareness for the status of engineering works and enriches her knowledge in the field of industrial engineering.

In a related context, student Fatima Khaled Al-Mohannadi indicated that going into a real work experience before graduation provides a comprehensive view of practical life and at the same time refines our aptitude in dealing with all difficulties, noting that the training program has gained us good experience in knowing how to apply the sciences that have been studied at the university on the ground.

The student, Maryam Al-Aujan, explained that the advantages of this field training enabled her to apply many of the things that were studied during her university career, in addition to gaining experience from the engineers in charge of the projects.

For her part, student Dhabya Khaled Al-Samhari said: The program gave us the opportunity for field training, applying what we learned at the university and seeing it on the ground, and helped us improve professional communication skills and project management skill, and at the same time, the program enabled us to understand how to design and plan projects through discussions and workshops.

In a related context, student Fatima Khalifa Al-Kuwari confirmed that the main advantages of the program were to give students the appropriate opportunity to enter into a realistic experience about the work environment in all its details in terms of place, time, conditions and the communication with employees, and indicated that the program gave her an opportunity to present her work to engineers with long experience in the field of architectural engineering and benefit from their opinions and advice.

It should be noted that Barwa Real Estate Group owns total assets of 31.950 million Qatari riyals. Since its establishment in 2005, the Group has offered 3.6 million square meters of operating space, which varies between residential, commercial, industrial, logistic and mixed-use, including 8,129 residential units, 37,340 rooms for the working class, and 335,981 square meters of commercial, retail and residential units, and 445,779 square meters of workshops and warehouses. In addition to launching new projects, Barwa is expected to offer 8 schools, 6,780 apartments and 16,848 rooms for the working class by 2022.



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