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Madinat Mawater... Key destination & competitive platform for all vehicle services

Madinat Mawater... Key destination & competitive platform for all vehicle services


Monday – 21 June 2021, Doha – Qatar: Barwa Group has taken it upon itself to adopt many ideas that serve to implement its work strategy and develop commercial and mixed-use projects, with the aim of building sustainable specialized communities and cities that support the economic, industrial and service sectors in the country, while at the same time keeping pace with the economic growth and expansion that the country is witnessing in all fields.

From this standpoint, the development of Madinat Mawater was to be the most competitive platform in the region for the sale, purchase and maintenance of used cars and vehicles, and the main destination in Qatar for these activities.

Integrated services for visitors

Madinat Mawater, which extends over a land area of 1,151,731 square meters, located in Rawdat Rashid, west of Salwa Street intersection, provides used car showrooms, residential and office units, workshops and retail stores, in addition to the necessary facilities that serve the visitors such as offices for Traffic Department, banks and car insurance companies. In addition to a fuel station, and an area for vehicle technical inspection services (Fahes) for which a land of approximately 26,000 square meters has been allocated, to be established by Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD).

Components of Madinat Mawater

Barwa Real Estate Group has developed Madinat Mawater in several stages to ensure the full benefit of the operations and the achievement of the expected returns. The first and second phases of the project have been completed and operated, offering 119 showrooms for used cars with areas ranging between 400 and 1000 square meters, about 20 shops, in addition to 176 apartments and 176 offices of various sizes, as well as a number of maintenance workshops. In addition to the availability of service facilities such as restaurants and supermarkets.

These two phases of the city account for 12% of the total (operating) construction area designated for commercial and mixed-use projects.

Advanced infrastructure

Madinat Mawater has a well-developed infrastructure that includes two electricity sub-stations, internal roads, surveillance cameras, a fire-fighting system, drinking water and irrigation networks, and a sewage treatment plant.

High occupancy rates despite the repercussions of COVID-19 pandemic

Waseef, the leading real estate, facilities and asset management company, a subsidiary of Barwa Real Estate Group, manages the first and second phases of Madinat Mawater and provides leasing services to it. The occupancy rate of showrooms in the first and second phases of the project is more than 85%, while it reached 25% for apartments, and 75% for shops, 80% for workshops.

Advanced steps in the implementation of the third phase

In response to the increasing demand for the project, Barwa Group has made advanced strides in building car service centers as the first part of the third phase of Madinat Mawater. It also started during the third quarter of last year to develop the second part of the third phase of the city, and this phase will be implemented on a land area of approximately 340,000 square meters. It will provide 118 used car showrooms, a hypermarket, a mosque, a center for selling auto parts, in addition to a showroom for a car agency. Barwa is currently evaluating the establishment of complementary facilities for automotive activities in the later stages of the city's construction.

Car lover's activities in Madinat Mawater

To highlight its importance and introduce the public and those interested in its services, Madinat Mawater has become the main destination for organizing events for car enthusiasts' gatherings. During these events, experiences are exchanged among hobbyists about car modification and accessories, in addition to car maintenance and repair services, so the integration of services in the Madinat Mawater meets their aspirations and desires.

Commercial and mixed-use assets

Madinat Mawater is one of the most prominent commercial and mixed-use projects in Barwa, which provides services to a large group of individuals inside and outside Qatar. The Group owns a portfolio of commercial and mixed-use projects with an area of 336,552 square meters, and accounts about 15% of the various real estate assets that are owned by the Group.


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